Managed account

Managed account or Auto-trade is a type of investment that allows traders to enjoy all benefits of binary trading risk-free and without the necessity to place trades on their accounts themselves. Our expert traders equipped with the state of the art trading software will manage your account and place trades with over 75% win rate. You will be able to follow the progress in real-time by logging in to your trading account any time you wish.

We are committed to making your trading experience enjoyable and profitable.

FREE TRIALS of Managed accounts are available to our traders. Just get registered at recommended broker and we fund up your account with $2000. Your account will be traded by our expert for 3 days. Anytime you may log in your account and see how the trading is going. The profit gained within the trial remains on your account if you decide to set up the managed account.
Please ask our Managers for details.

Suen Cho Hung, Investment Analyst at BinaryBasis©

BinaryBasis©, a brand of Overseas Hong Kong Investment Limited, will serve you as an experienced assistant and guide in the investment sphere. Our clients are well-off investors from all over the world and based on our experience, risk and profit optimisation strategy, they invest and earn. We are extremely responsible in our work and always warn our clients not to invest money which they cannot afford to lose. Any investment is a high risk; it is the duty of any investor to make the decision competently and prudently.

BinaryBasis© offers the service of managing binary options trading accounts. Our managed account program has been developed for well-off customers who are not willing to spend their time on trading, but instead trust this to professionals like us.

With managed accounts, we use a software module that allows us to make the management process automatic. A programmed-in algorithm uses a compound interest function, which means that the amount earned in a month is added up and becomes involved in the investment process the following month. Due to a fixed percentage by which the rate is calculated (for example, for the 1st level managed accounts it’s 2%), the trade size is gradually increasing. The number of trades remains the same. The optimal risk-management accepted by professional forex and binary options traders presumes that the trade size shall be below 5% of the total trading balance. The BinaryBasis risk management algorithm uses trades between 2 to 2.5% of the account balance. Thus, by common standards at this stage, we reduce the risk level by half. Also the algorithm uses only half of the balance in daily trading.

Let's look at an example. For the initial investment of $15,000, the trade size is 2% of the balance; that is $300. So, a maximum of 50 trades can be placed daily. But the system places no more than 25 trades – only half of available trades. Therefore, only 50% of the balance on the account is used, reducing the risk by 50%. In contrast to the above, we do not limit the maximum trade size and use the compound interest.

Compound Interest

  • Р - initial investment
  • R - interest rate of period
  • n - numbers of period

Here you may see the exponential graph for simple and compound interest.

Thus, according to BinaryBasis’ financial analysts, we reach an optimal balance of high returns and low risk. With the strategy of using compound interest functions and unlimited trade size, by the end of the investment program we can reach the nearly snowballing growth of clients’ investments. Please go to for details. At the same time the monthly return, calculated on compound interest rates, is quite low and within the range of 21- 35% depending on the amount invested.

Due to this factor, as well as the coordinated work of BinaryBasis© analysts, we have achieved outstanding performance. With a 35% monthly profit, our clients withdraw 1650%, annually at the end of the investment program. The managed accounts or trust funds service involved in binary options trading is fairly new. Nevertheless, among investors with a proactive life attitude, the new trend has already obtained valuable credence.